Our Growth

  1. 2007

    Suresh & Vinod understood that we need to give customer what they need and not what we have, so decided to leave a roaring trading business

  2. 2007

    Launched a logo with two ships indicating the sail has began

  3. 2007

    Understood the need for a better improved logo hence redesigned a new logo

  4. 2008

    Failed to meet the revenue trading vs branding. Still holded on what was right. Added more products

  5. 2009

    India's highest sold hardisk bags

  6. 2010

    Screen protector sales increaded by 20X after making free installation for walkin customers

  7. 2011

    Lauched new retail outlet store in chennai.

  8. 2012

    launched ecommerce website saco.in

  9. 2013

    Did not see much of traction on saco.in. As we did not know much about SEO

  10. 2014

    Lauched on Amazon & Flipkart

  11. 2015

    Became category topper in both the marketplaces

  12. 2016

    Hardisk bags total marketplace sale < saco sale. This was most awesome moment

  13. 2017

    We were in top 50 sellers on marketplaces

  14. 2018

    Decided to rewamp saco.in website for a new era.