About Us


27 August  2007

Co-Founder & CEO

Suresh Kanted

Vinod Kanted



65 Swaminaicken St,

Chintadaripet, Chennai-600002

Ph: +91 44 45508008

About Saco

More than 1 million people in 2 countries use Saco Products to make their lifestyle easy. To protect their gadgets whether you're self-employed, or you work for a Fortune 500 company, Saco help you protect your gadgets and dress them to make it unique.

We're Growing Fast

Saco  is self-funded, profitable, and slowly taking over the world. Saco co-founded by Suresh & Vinod Kanted  “Duo Brothers” right brains and left brains works hard to make products people love to use.

 Our in-house support staff sits on the front lines, helping customers solve installation guidance issues and help them to make most and most of Saco products. Our marketing and user-experience designers are constantly innovating, collaborating, and fixing things. And behind the scenes, we've got delivery experts and human resources professionals keeping the wheels turning. We hire thoughtfully, because we're building a team to scale with a growth rate of more than 1,000 new customrs a day. Want to be a part of it? Do write to us at info@saco.in

  We Dare To Innovate & Love It

Hardisk protector, 360 universal rotate case for tablet are few to name that we where the first. We did go that extra mile to see what’s in store for us. And every time we did we were delighted to see smile on every face that used it. We Innovated, We Dared... We follow what our heart says. We look at how many smiles we earned. Money is by product.

 A Learning Culture

We encourage our staff to watch comedians, professional pool players, and other encouraging videos so our staff can get inspired by people in different industries.

We encourage our teams to grow in their current roles and dream about what's next. Employees have opportunities to attend events, share their work, and take time off to learn new skills.

We Care About Chennai

We love our hometown, and want to make sure creativity is rewarded here, whether it's by helping great ideas come to life or giving nonprofit organizations the tools to succeed. We believe in strengthening our culture, we believe in bold, transformational projects. And we believe that investing in education, writing, and mentorship will change our community indelibly. We always try to go in for eco friendly packing for products too.

Don't Take Our Word For It

More than 1 million people and companies of all sizes use Saco Products. They love using them do, and we love making it for them.

A lot has happened since we started the company in 2007.  We looking to do best what we know

If you need one-on-one help with Saco Products, you can have live chat or email with our friendly in-house support team after you searched our product catalog & installation manual.

For placing a request for catalogue & price list you can mail to info@saco.in

One to one product briefing , demo  you can reach Suresh :+91 44 28585949 11.00 Am to 7.30 Pm


   Team Saco

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